Charles HoggJob Growth with Living Wages

To increase job growth and pay living wages we need to significantly address education, health care and gun safety.  Minimum wage of $7.25 per hour has not been increased for almost a decade and is even below poverty level wages.  Productivity gains that have occurred and will occur by addressing education and healthcare will justify a living wage for this area of Georgia to be between $21-24 per hour.


For many years education funding has been inadequate for our schools, teachers, and support staff.  A comprehensive investment budget needs to be developed, approved and funded to make up for the past years and invest into the future.  Investment in education including higher level and technical schools will pay for itself by increasing the job market and wages of the employees since educated and trained workers are needed to attract businesses and new jobs.  Teachers need to be recruited and competitively paid to reduce teacher to pupil ratios.   A program of educational loan forgiveness as well as expanded scholarships programs for teachers need be funded.

Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right and needs to be made available to everyone.  Working with the legislature and executive branch the expansion of Medicaid in Georgia needs to be implemented.  Medical staff education and training and recruitment to provide health care to provide acceptable levels of care is required and the legislature needs to fully address this issue.

Gun SafetyMoms Demand Action

Legislative similar to the recent actions in Florida and Vermont are needed in Georgia.  These are increasing the age for purchasing of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.  Improved background checks to ensure that domestic violence assaulters and individuals with mental health problems are not granted access to weapons.  Besides addressing these issues, we also need to address the over 200,000 students that have been exposed to gun violence since 1999 (Columbine).  The long-term affect to our children is immeasurable now but improving gun safety and through improved training and education we can start addressing these issues.  In addition, gun violence is a public health menace and needs to be studied to develop further actions to reduce gun violence.